Best Pizza In Columbus Combinations For Meat Lovers

or meat lovers, few dishes are as hearty and as comforting as a great fully-loaded pizza. At Bucceto’s we have traditional and no gluten best pizza in Columbus options for vegetarian customers, vegan customers, and meat loving customers to ensure the perfect pie is accessible to everyone in the Columbus area. Our toppings are always fresh, so you get the maximum flavor value with every bite you take. A few best pizza in Columbus combinations we love for our meat lover customers are:
Best Pizza In Columbus Combinations For Meat Lovers • Ultimate Warrior – Our Ultimate warrior pizza is our version of a classic “deluxe” and this pie combines fresh veggie toppings with rich meat toppings to give you a flavor explosion with every bite. On the Ultimate Warrior is sausage, pepperoni, black olives, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms for the richest flavor in your pizza.
• Bar 20 – For the BBQ lovers who also have an affinity for pizza, the Bar 20 is exactly what you’re after. The Bar 20 is topped with BBQ chicken, onions, sauce, and smoked gouda for a rich, smokey, and hearty flavor that tastes like a backyard barbecue in a pizza pie.
• Sweet Lil Razorback – With pepperoni, smoked sausage, and bacon our Sweet Lil Razorback is a top pick for any meat and pizza lover! Alongside these rich flavors are fresh basil and a bit of garlic to add that perfect touch of freshness to every hearty and flavor filled slice.
• Giacomo – If you like your pizza a little spicy, salty, and zesty, our Giacomo is for you. The Giacomo features pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers for a smokey, salty, spicy, fresh, and earthy delight.
While we have our own pizza combinations ready for you to order, we also have the option to create your own best pizza in Columbus. With over 50 toppings to choose from, we have plenty that seem to be big favorites with our meat loving customers. From classics like pepperoni and sausage, to unique offerings like salami and Canadian bacon, you can embrace pizza in a new way every day of the week.
Whether you’re a meat lover, a veggie lover, or somewhere in between, we have the pizza for you at Bucceto’s in Columbus. Stop in today to see what pizza we can make for you and whichever mood you may be in for dinner tonight!

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