Better Flavors For A Gluten-Free Columbus

There is a big stigma that surrounds gluten-free food, and that is that it simply doesn’t taste good. Those with mild gluten intolerances often deal with the uncomfortable side effects of ingesting gluten believing that they’re missing out if they go gluten-free. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to do away with this stigma and help to introduce a gluten-free Columbus that proves that no-gluten never means no flavor! Our gluten-free Columbus menu is filled with fresh flavors, different textures, and delicious food, and without a bit of gluten in sight.
There are over 3.1 million people across the United States who adhere to a gluten-free diet, and this means that a number of local residents are looking for gluten-free Columbus food they can enjoy. With such a high number, we at Bucceto’s saw that there is a real need that needs to be realized, and we want to serve the entire Columbus region with food that not only they can eat, but they can enjoy while doing so.
Our gluten-free pizzas are a big star of our gluten-free menu, and many patrons are surprised just how authentic the pizza experience really is when there’s no gluten to be found. The crust of our gluten-free pizzas are made using incredibly flavorful rice-flour, and can be topped with more than 40 gluten-free toppings for you to choose from. When ordering from our gluten-free pizza menu, you can make your own combination or enjoy some pre-chosen Smiling Teeth gourmet pizza combos as you like!
Better Flavors For A Gluten-Free ColumbusA gluten-free Columbus doesn’t stop at pizza. Our gluten-free pasta dishes are made using gluten-free spaghetti bursting with flavor, which can then be combined with different proteins and sauces as you see fit. With all of the gluten-free pasta combinations we offer, you can enjoy something new every day of the week and then some.
We want to provide a gluten-free Columbus option that provides you with a full and authentic Italian dinner or lunch experience you can really enjoy. We can’t wait to see you and hear how much you love our gluten-free menu!

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