Bloomington Delivery Is Bringing Springtime Vegan Pizza

Our Bloomington delivery might look a little different during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we’re keeping one thing for certain – we’re going to keep bringing you the most delicious pizza the Bloomington region has to offer. Rather than calling up and getting delivery right from us at Bucceto’s, we’re switching it up by using delivery services like GrubHub throughout the pandemic.
This allows us to safely deliver to you your Bloomington delivery no matter what you choose to order. These services are easy to use; just choose your service of choice, tap on the app, search for Bucceto’s, scroll our menu, and then place your order. You may pay, tip, and provide additional comments right from the ease of your smartphone or laptop device. In just a short while, your Bloomington delivery will be right at your door!
With spring rolling around the corner very quickly, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to outline a few springtime favorite combinations to top your vegan pizza. Now offering our vegan pizza for Bloomington delivery, this is just the inspiration you need to grab a flavorful taste of something a little different this season. A few springtime vegan pizza picks we’re loving for the spring season of 2021 are:
Bloomington Delivery Is Bringing Springtime Vegan Pizza • Vegan sausage and peppers – There is no wrong season for sausage and peppers, and we love how this spicy and cool combination embraces the warm and cold nature of the transitional spring period. Our vegan sausage has the same smokey, spicy, and savory flavor you want from sausage, but with no animal derived ingredients. The peppers you choose can be hot or sweet, but they’re always fresh and bursting with flavor.
• Garlic, red onion, and green olive – If you’re looking for a Greek salad inspired pizza, we love pairing garlic, red onion, and green olive. This impossibly fresh combination is salty, tangy, and perfectly refreshing.
• Spinach, sun dried tomato, and thyme – For a truly inspired Italian dish, we love our vegan pizza topped with spinach, sun dried tomato, and thyme. By using only the freshest ingredients, you get the full flavor profile from each topping to give you a true taste of a classical Italian dish.
No matter what you top your vegan pizza with to embrace this spring season, it’s sure to be delicious when it’s brought to your door with our Bloomington delivery. If you could create your own springtime vegan pizza at Bucceto’s, what toppings would you pick today?

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