Bloomington Food Delivery Doesn’t Have To Break Your New Year’s Resolution 

For those who are trying to live a little healthier in 2023, looking for an easy, tasty, and convenient spot for lunch or dinner can be a point of stress. You want to keep up with the good habits, but you don’t want to completely give up the convenience of great Bloomington food delivery. At Bucceto’s, you’re in luck because you can have the best of both worlds. 


Bloomington Food Delivery Doesn’t Have To Break Your New Year’s Resolution

Our Bloomington food delivery at Bucceto’s isn’t all pizza, pasta dishes, and desserts, and we have menu items perfect for keeping you happy, full, and on the right track. Some of our top resolution-friendly picks in Bloomington are: 


  • Chicken Torino – Our Chicken Torino is low on carbs but heavy on flavor! Chicken breasts are topped with a bed of pesto, Monterey jack cheese, toasted pecans, crispy bacon, and earthy mushrooms, making it a protein packed and always hearty dish. Served with a fresh palate cleansing dinner salad, it keeps you full without bringing carbs into the mix. 
  • Baked Roman Holiday – Another low-carb chicken entrée, the Baked Roman Holiday is perfect for someone looking for something rich and decadent. Chicken breasts are topped with thin sliced Canadian ham, a bit of Alfredo sauce, provolone cheese, and crispy bacon. Also served with a dinner salad, it’s warm, hearty, and perfect for a weekend dinner. 
  • Bruschetta – Sometimes you just want a light lunch and our bruschetta really delivers. On bits of toast, fresh tomato, garlic, and herbs give a pop of flavor to every refreshing bite. The bruschetta can be served with or without a bit of goat cheese. 
  • Dinner salad – There’s no wrong time for a fresh salad, and our dinner salad comes in a “mega abundant” size perfect for a refreshing dinner. Sliced chicken breast and our house made dressings complete the dish for total satisfaction. 
  • Tomato basil soup – Wintertime is the perfect time for a hot bowl of soup and our tomato basil is comforting without setting you behind on your goals. Also available in a cup size, it’s just what you want for a cozy lunch or dinner from Bucceto’s. 

Out Bloomington food delivery is for everyone at Bucceto’s, and this includes those who want to eat great without going overboard. Looking for something fresh, satisfying, and tasty for delivery tonight? Order Bucceto’s delivery and make healthy dinner convenient! 

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