Bloomington Food Delivery For Your Favorite Sandwiches

Maybe you’ve had our pizza, or maybe you love our pasta, but have you ever tried our sandwiches at Bucceto’s? Our Bloomington food delivery isn’t just bringing you your favorite pies and pasta plates––it’s also offering you the freshest and most satisfying sandwiches around the area.


Bloomington Food Delivery For Your Favorite SandwichesIf you don’t have a favorite sandwich yet, here’s a few our customers are raving about:


  • Hot Italian Sub – It doesn’t get more classic than our Hot Italian Sub. What you get is your choice of traditional or gluten-free bread, which is then filled with a mix of salami, ham, and pepperoni topped with fresh tomato and delightfully tangy banana peppers.


  • Meatball Sub – If you want the kind of sandwich that keeps you feeling full and comforted all day, we have exactly what you’re looking for in our Meatball Sub! This sandwich features our delicious and flavor-packed Italian meatballs, which are then topped with our authentic marinara sauce, gooey cheese, and fresh basil.


  • Spinach Artichoke – Our Spinach Artichoke sandwich is a fresh classic. On it, you’ll find spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato, and artichoke spread. While this sandwich is a vegetarian favorite, you have the option to add chicken for more protein.


  • Ham & Cheese – What could be more classic than a tasty Ham & Cheese sandwich? It’s a favorite for all ages, and we do it just right at Bucceto’s! This sandwich features Italian ham, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, a hint of bacon, and our house-made Dijon vinaigrette dressing.


For our gluten-free customers, many of our sandwiches come in both traditional and gluten-free varieties. Each sandwich comes with a side of chips, so you always have that perfect crunchy accompaniment to ensure your meal is complete.


Our sandwiches are bursting with flavor and come in satisfying sizes, proving they’re a delicious option not just for lunch but any time of day. If you’re in the mood for something a little different but still tasty and convenient, give our sandwiches a try this week.


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