Bloomington Food Delivery Is The Easiest Way To Experience Our New Vegan Pizza 

Our Vegan pizza is here to stay at Bucceto’s in Bloomington, and it’s already a big hit! We’re still serving up our famous traditional and gluten-free pizzas, we’ve just added a little something new to make sure that everyone in the Bloomington area can dig into a good pizza when the craving hits. Haven’t tried our new vegan pizza yet? Bloomington food delivery makes it easy, convenient, and perfect for any night of the week. 


Our vegan pizza starts out with a traditional Bucceto’s crust. It’s the crust you already know and love, made with wholesome ingredients and baked to perfection so every bite has that satisfying crunch. This serves as the foundation for our vegan pizza, gently holding all of the fresh ingredients that make our pizza so tasty. We at Bucceto’s believe that the crust gives authenticity to the crunch and the flavor of the pizza, so we put our heart into every crust we bake. 


Our robust Bucceto’s sauce comes next. This sauce is made using fresh herbs, tomato, and vegan-friendly ingredients, providing moisture, acidity, and flavor to balance out what’s coming up next – the cheese and the toppings! On our vegan pizzas, we use a vegan cheese blend that uses no animal derived ingredients. For fans of our traditional or gluten-free pies, this could cause a little suspicion, but we stand behind the unmatched quality of our vegan ingredients! The cheese has all the right salty notes, the right stretch, and the perfect flavor to match up with any traditional cheese blend. 


Bloomington Food Delivery Is The Easiest Way To Experience Our New Vegan Pizza

Toppings really make the pizza. At Bucceto’s we have dozens of topping choices, including a plethora of vegan friendly ingredients to choose from. Jalapeno and chilies for spicy pizza lovers, new potatoes and rosemary for fans of a great rustic pie, and even vegan sausage for those who love traditional flavors with a vegan flair. 


Our Bloomington food delivery makes getting lunch or dinner easier than ever! Whether it’s a vegan pizza, a gluten-free sandwich, or a good old fashioned traditional plate of pasta, we’re serving up all of your Bucceto’s favorites. You can order your delivery right from our website, and we’ll be there with your tasty dishes in no time. Ready to give our vegan pizza a try? Our Bloomington food delivery is here waiting for you!