Bloomington Food Delivery Serving Up Your Vegan Dinner

Everyone of the Bloomington region deserves a delicious, convenient, and easy dinner, and this includes those who adhere to vegan diets! Our Bucceot’s best pizza in Bloomington and Columbus is now going vegan, so you can experience the deliciousness of America’s favorite comfort food absolutely worry-free. By paying close attention to the wholesome and fresh ingredients we use in our vegan pizza, we’ve developed a product with all the flavor, all the crunch, and all the authenticity that a true Italian restaurant pizza should have, but with none of the animal byproducts.
Available at both of our Bloomington and Columbus locations, our Bucceto’s vegan pizza starts with the crust. You can opt for our traditional Bucceto’s crust, or you can go vegan and gluten-free by opting for our gluten-free rice flour crust. Both crust options give the same perfect crunch, and both are packed with great flavor. On top of the crust goes our fresh made tomato sauce, and in just the perfect quantity to never throw off the flavor balance of your vegan pizza. Layered on the sauce is our vegan cheese, which has the same salty comfort food flavor and stretch as a traditional cheese, but with no dairy milk in sight.
Our toppings allow you to really make your Bloomington food delivery vegan dinner your own. We have vegan sausage available if you’re looking for that classic smokey spice, but we also have plenty of other vegan-friendly topping picks as well. When you create your own vegan pizza as part of your Bloomington food delivery order, the sky is the limit when it comes to what flavors and textures you may decide to choose.
Bloomington Food Delivery Serving Up Your Vegan Dinner Bloomington food delivery should be for everyone, and we make sure we take care of everyone at Bucceto’s. Not just at our Bloomington location, our vegan pizza is available to our Columbus customers as well. Haven’t tried our vegan pizza yet? We’re looking forward to serving you up your first pie!

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