Breaking Down Some Of Our Favorite Spicy Pizza Toppings For Bloomington Delivery 

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a pizza with a little zing. We at Bucceto’s come prepared with dozens of toppings, including those that give your pizza the spicy kick you’re looking for! If you’re ordering your Bloomington delivery tonight, and you’re looking for something that bites back, a few toppings we suggest are: 


  • Banana peppers – Those bright yellow peppers you might enjoy on sandwiches are just as good on our fresh pizza! Banana peppers are perfect if you’re looking to add a little brightness, acidity, and spice without things getting to be too much. Moderately spicy, banana peppers won’t overpower your other toppings choices. 


  • Chili oil – Chili oil gives your pizza spice all throughout each bite. Unlike other toppings that bring the spice to specific bites, a bit of our chili oil evenly spreads the heat for a bold and zingy foundation. Breaking Down Some Of Our Favorite Spicy Pizza Toppings For Bloomington Delivery


  • Chorizo sausage – Sausage is one of the classic pizza toppings, and if you’re seeking out a bit of a kick, we suggest choosing Chorizo as your sausage pick. In traditional Mexican or Spanish dishes, chorizo is a common breakfast sausage, so it really works well on a zingy lunch pizza. 


  • Hot Italian sausage – While Chorizo is an excellent spicy sausage choice, it doesn’t get more classic than hot Italian. Our hot Italian sausage is a popular spicy pizza topping pick and it works beautifully with additional authentic Italian toppings. 


  • Jalapeno – Spicier than banana peppers, but still allowing for flavors to blend and break through, is our fresh jalapeno peppers. If you’re really looking to up the ante on your spicy pizza, try pairing our jalapeno with chorizo sausage on your Bloomington delivery pie! 


  • Chilies – When it comes to peppers, chilies are going to bring the real heat to your spicy pizza. A step above our jalapenos, they bring a fresh, earthy, and spicy note you won’t be able to get enough of. A favorite of seriously spicy lovers, they go particularly well with sweet peppers and onion on a pizza. 


Whether you want traditional, spicy, earthy, or even sweet, our extensive toppings menu at Bucceto’s has you covered. The next time you make a Bloomington delivery order, what kind of pie will you be going for? 

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