Breaking Down The Perfect Gluten-Free Lunch

Lunch is the ultimate pick-me-up meal. Whether you’re working in your Bloomington or Columbus office, or you’re simply feeling a little bogged down in the middle of the day at home, it’s lunch that gives you the burst of energy you need to keep the day going strong. With our gluten-free menu at Bucceto’s, our gluten-free lunch gives you something new to try every day of the week.
For the day that you want a quick gluten-free lunch, our gluten-free menu has plenty of salads and starters that give you that exact fast bite you’re looking for. Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and garlic, Scamorza with rich smoked mozzarella, or a spring mix salad with candied cranberry and pecans are just a small fraction of gluten-free picks that give you what you need when you need it most.
Perhaps it’s been one of those days and you’re looking for something a little heartier. A hard day’s work builds up quite the appetite, and we don’t just offer light fare on our Bucceto’s gluten-free menu. Our hot sandwiches are served with fresh chips, and each is completely gluten-free for a completely stress-free experience. For those looking for gluten-free and vegetarian friendly, our Spinach Artichoke sandwich with spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato, and artichoke spread is perfect.
If you’re feeding a group, there’s no better way to do it than with our gluten-free pizzas. The crust of the pizza is made using rice flour instead of traditional flour with gluten, and you have more than 40 toppings choices to pick from to create your own pizza combos. If you want to try a whole new gourmet take on traditional gluten-free pizza, try out Smiling Teeth pizzas using our gluten-free crust.
Breaking Down The Perfect Gluten-Free LunchThe perfect gluten-free lunch can be just a phone call away, and we’ll have your order ready to give you that pick-me-up when you really need it the most. We can’t wait to treat you to a great lunch!

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