Breaking Down What’s Special About Our No Gluten Pizza

At Bucceto’s, our no gluten pizza is a fan favorite, winning over customers beyond those who are gluten-free. With millions across the US opting for this type of diet, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn wanted to make sure we still have a seat at the table for every hungry patron of Bloomington.


Our gluten-free menu is extensive and inclusive, but our gluten-free pizza remains to be our bestseller. Let’s explore what’s truly special about it.


The Crust


The beauty of our gluten-free pizza is really in our crust. We formulated this recipe ourselves, and it starts with a base of rice flour.


To adhere to a gluten-free diet, we needed to avoid traditional or wheat flour, so we set out to find an alternative. What we found was that rice flour used in place of wheat flour gave us the right flavor, crunch, and structure to serve as a base for our famous Bucceto’s pie.


To add just a touch of sweetness and make it perfectly moist, we balance our dough recipe with a bit of honey.


Specialty Gluten-Free Pizzas


Breaking Down What’s Special About Our No Gluten PizzaOur specialty pizzas are big favorites at Bucceto’s, and we don’t exclude our gluten-free customers from enjoying them. The vast majority of our specialty pizza combinations can be made completely gluten-free.


Can’t decide what you want on your pizza? You can never go wrong with a specialty pie combination!


The Freshest Toppings


Our toppings make your no-gluten pizza at Bucceto’s special. We have dozens of gluten-free options to choose from, each freshly made (never frozen) and bursting with authentic flavor.


We have traditional, unique, spicy, sweet, rustic, and refreshing toppings so you’ll always have exactly the pizza you’re craving.


Extensive Gluten-Free Menu


If you need a starter, a side with your pizza, or dessert, we have plenty of gluten-free options available to choose from. We offer gluten-free spaghetti, a flourless Chocolate Torte, and even gluten-free beer!


At Bucceto’s, there’s always a spot at the table for everyone. If you’ve never tried one of our no gluten pizzas before, we can’t wait to show you what they’re all about during your next visit.


Drop by any of our locations or order online for delivery.