Bring Our Columbus Restaurant To Your Party

Having your favorite Italian restaurant in Columbus cater to your area party is easy! At Bucceto’s we bring our Columbus restaurant to you with our catering services – the perfect choice for making sure all those summertime parties are a huge hit! It may have been a while since we’ve last been able to gather, but celebrations are back on for the summer of 2021 and we’re here to make sure yours are the best yet. Our catering services make feeding parties of any size easy, and there’s always something on our menu for every guest to love.
Bring Our Columbus Restaurant To Your PartyFirst and foremost, ordering catering from our Columbus restaurant is simple. We ask for at least 24 hours of notice before your event, but we understand that things can come up from time to time making timing a little bit difficult. If you’re calling in advance, we can go through our menu with you to make sure you’ve got all of your favorite picks whether you’re looking for vegan, gluten-free, or good old traditional Italian fares. If you’re calling on short notice, we’ll work with you! We’ll go through our menu with you and come up with a selection that we can get done in time and that your guests are sure to love.
Our catering dishes from our Columbus restaurant come in both full and half-pan sizes. Full size pans are sized to suit 16-20 guests, while our half pans are sized to suit 8-10. You may decide to get full size pans of some dishes, like entrees, while you opt for half size pans for appetizers, salads, and other dishes your guests may just wish to sample here and there. When it comes to our catering, we’re here to take care of your party any which way you like it!
Bucceto’s Columbus restaurant catering gives you the full Bucceto’s experience right in the comfort of your own home, your favorite park, or any venue you wish to celebrate in. To learn more about calling on our catering for all of your summer celebration needs, just give us a call at Bucceto’s Columbus restaurant today!

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