Bring Our New Vegan Pizza In Columbus Right To Your Door

Columbus pizza delivery with Bucceto’s has been bringing our delicious pizzas to your door for several years. Now we’re offering something fresh, new, versatile, and delicious at Bucceto’s, and this is available for our Columbus pizza delivery as well! Bucceto’s has started serving up vegan pizza at our Columbus and Bloomington locations, and we couldn’t be prouder of the finished product we’ve created. 


Bring Our New Vegan Pizza In Columbus Right To Your Door

The base of our vegan pizza is our wholesome and handmade crust. The vegan pizza can be made with traditional or gluten-free crust (although gluten-free crust does make use of honey,) and it provides a structured and tasty foundation for the flavor extravaganza about to take place. The crust is what gives your pizza that telltale crunch that is oh so satisfying. 


On top of the crust is our robust tomato sauce. While the recipe is a secret, it’s wholesome and created to perfectly suit our Bucceto’s pizza flavors. The sauce used in our vegan pizza is the same so many have come to love on our traditional pies. 


Topping the crust is our vegan cheese, and this is a blend we can’t wait for you to try at Bucceto’s. Using no animal derived products, the cheese blend gives you the salty, stretchy, and satisfying feeling you want to get out of each bite of your pizza. For those who don’t adhere to a vegan diet, this cheese is just as good as the traditional thing! 


As for toppings, Bucceto’s has it all. We have vegan sausage for those who want that spicy, smokey, and savory sausage flavor without the animal products, as well as a number of vegan toppings on our create your own pie list. With the sheer number of vegan friendly toppings we offer, you can have a completely different experience with every single pie. 


Columbus pizza delivery makes it easier than ever to get our vegan pizza brought straight to your door. Using your favorite food delivery app, just search for Bucceto’s and you’re brought to our full delivery menu. With a few taps, you’ll be able to create your own vegan pie to be delivered right to you in no time at all. Looking to try our vegan pizza for yourself? Grab delivery from Bucceto’s in Columbus for dinner tonight! 

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