Bringing Our Pizza Restaurant To Your Dinner Table

Ordering delivery from Bucceto’s is easier than ever! Rather than opening up an app or dialing your phone, you can get everything you’re craving right from our very own website menu. Bringing our pizza restaurant in Bloomington or Columbus to you is our way of making sure our delicious fares are always accessible to our patrons. 


Or online ordering is easy, all you have to do is: 


  • Go to our website – The first step is heading over to our website homepage. Once there, you’ll be greeted with an “Order now” pop up allowing you to choose between pickup and delivery. To bring our pizza restaurant to you, we suggest trying out our delivery in Bloomington or Columbus. 
Bringing Our Pizza Restaurant To Your Dinner Table
  • Enter your address – After you’ve selected delivery, you’ll be brought to a map where you can enter your address. This page sets you up with your closest local Bucceto’s where your order will be sent to be made, paid for, and dropped off to you. 
  • Browse the menu – After you’ve entered your address you’ll be brought to our Bucceto’s pizza restaurant menu. You can order pizza, pasta, lunch dishes, and custom orders so you get the full Bucceto’s experience even if you don’t plan on leaving home. 
  • Checkout time – After you’ve made your selections it’s time to check out, where you can pay for your order including a tip for your delivery driver. You can opt for contact-free delivery or traditional delivery, as well as schedule your delivery time so your meal is ready just when you need it. Dreaming about Bucceto’s for dinner at lunchtime? Make your order, set the delivery time for dinnertime, and start daydreaming about how delicious it’s going to be!

If you’re planning to stop by and say hello at our pizza restaurant, you can also use our simple online ordering for carryout orders. It’s the same process, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready for you to come in, grab your order, and see us! 

With back-to-school season ramping up and families getting busier, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn at Bucceto’s want to make sure we’re your first choice for an easy, tasty, and convenient family dinner night. Have you used our new online ordering for delivery or carry out yet? 

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