Bucceto’s Is A Lot More Than Just A Pizza Restaurant 

While we might be serving up famous traditional, vegan, and no gluten pizzas here at Bucceto’s, we want our communities to know that we’re a lot more than just a pizza restaurant! Our full and inclusive menu features authentic Italian dishes, refreshing lunches, cozy soups, satisfying chicken dinners, comforting pasta dishes, tasty calzones, and even some sweet desserts to top it all off. Some of our menu favorites outside of pizza here at Bucceto’s include: 


Bucceto’s Is A Lot More Than Just A Pizza Restaurant
  • Pasta dinners – Just as cozy as a hot slice of pizza is a nice big bowl of pasta to dig into! Our pasta dishes at Bucceto’s are portioned generously, and they can be made traditionally or with our gluten-free spaghetti. For something spicy, we love our diavolo sauce, for something hearty our meat sauce, for salty the clam sauce with linguine, and for fresh the pasta primavera. Our pasta dinners come complete with a dinner salad and side of garlic bread perfect for dipping. 
  • Chicken dinner – A real winner winner, our chicken dinners are made fresh, hot, and delicious for our patrons who just want something equal parts different and authentic. The Chicken Torino bursts with cozy flavor using pesto, Monterey jack, pecans, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms, while the Baked Roman Holiday is full of cheesy provolone and alfredo goodness alongside Canadian ham and bacon. 
  • Fresh appetizers – If you’re looking for light, our fresh appetizers are where it’s at. As for our favorites, we have fresh bruschetta with tomato, garlic, and herbs on toasted bread with or without goat cheese, the cozy Scamorza with smoked mozzarella tomatoes, herbs, and toast, and garlic bread that goes with just about everything on our menu. 
  • Satisfying soups – What could be better than a good old fashioned soup lunch? In a cup or a bowl, we have freshly made Pasta Fagole or Tomato Basil that are great alone or along with one of our tasty fresh salads. 
  • • Sweet desserts – How do you finish off a perfect meal? With a perfect dessert, of course! Our tiramisu comes imported directly from Italy, the Carnegie Deli cheesecake is flown in from New York City, the chocolate torte is made flourless for our gluten-free customers, our iced lemon pound cake is always refreshing, and there’s so much more to be discovered. 

While we are a pizza restaurant, we’re not just a pizza restaurant here at Bucceto’s! Whether you’ve stopped by for our famous pizza yet or not, we can’t wait to see what else you’re tempted to try. 

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