Bucceto’s Pizza Toppings: What Makes Them Different

A plain pizza is great, but we all know that it’s the toppings that can really make a pie! The toppings on a pizza are like art. They allow you to create, experiment, and find new ways of satisfying those pizza cravings no matter how often you give in to them. At Bucceto’s, we take great pride in the freshness and wide variety of our toppings, which is why we want to highlight how our toppings make our pizza the best pizza in Bloomington, Indiana.


Here’s why our toppings deserve the spotlight:


Freshness Is A Priority


First and foremost, we keep our toppings fresh. Whenever an ingredient is frozen, it loses a little bit of its flavor. The result? Your pie won’t have those rich layers of authentic taste.


At Bucceto’s. we prioritize freshness to preserve the integrity of our flavors, so you get the best on your pizza, regardless of the toppings you end up choosing. You get the zest of pepperoni, the smoky spice of sausage, the crisp freshness of green pepper, or even the sweet buttery crunch of a tasty pecan.


Wide Variety


Bucceto’s Pizza Toppings: What Makes Them DifferentBesides freshness, the next thing we’re most proud of is the wide selection of toppings we offer. We carry all of the classics, like pepperoni, sausage, bacon, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and olives. But we also like spicing things up because that’s what the best pizza in Bloomington, Indiana should be.


You never have to have the same old pizza if you don’t want it, and we believe that offering dozens of fresh toppings allows us to give you a delicious and creative experience with each order.


Some of our unique fan-favorite toppings include new potatoes, pecans, onion marmalade, pine nuts, clams, cilantro, and chorizo sausage among others.


Vegan Toppings


We want to make sure everyone gets to have a delicious and unique pizza at Bucceto’s, including our vegan and vegetarian customers. With our new vegan pizza, you can enjoy a pizza with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and a plethora of other vegan-friendly toppings. Our vegan sausage is completely free of animal byproducts yet has the same smoky, spicy, zesty taste as a traditional Italian sausage. The vegan crust has honey though, but our gluten-free crust is entirely vegan, so no need to worry.


At Bucceto’s, we love showing what the best pizza in Bloomington, Indiana has to be like. Our toppings paired with our cheese blend, our fresh sauce, and our perfectly crispy dough are what keep our customers coming back for more!


If you’re thinking of grabbing pizza tonight, we can’t wait to see which toppings you would choose. Order now and have fun experimenting or simply give in to those cravings.