Cater With Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus This Spring 

There’s more than one way to enjoy Bucceto’s in Columbus! If you’re planning to host a birthday party, a graduation celebration, or a gathering for Mother’s or Father’s Day, our Italian restaurant in Columbus comes to you with our delicious Bucceto’s catering. Our catering menu has all of your Bucceto’s favorites, from vegan pizzas to hearty sandwiches, and we can work with you to craft the perfect menu for any occasion. 


Cater With Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus This Spring

Ordering our Bucceto’s catering is easy. Our menu is available via our website, allowing you to freely browse and pick out what you want most for your Columbus celebration. Our half sheet pans feed 10 guests while our full sheet pans feed 20, allowing us to take care of your gatherings big or small. Once you have your choices made, just give us a call and let us know what Italian restaurant in Columbus favorites you’re craving for your catering order and when you need it. 


While we appreciate advance notice for our catering orders, we do understand that things can pop up suddenly. Maybe another family member was planning to host, then something comes up, and the next thing you know you find yourself in the hotseat with 20 guests expected by the weekend. Don’t worry -we’ve got you covered! As long as we have at least 24 hours to prepare, we can work with you to craft a menu that we’ll have done in time and that your guests will love. 


Our catering menu at our Italian restaurant in Columbus is just as inclusive as our regular menu. If you need gluten-free fares, we can walk you through our gluten-free catering menu to ensure you have a well balanced meal safe for your no gluten guests. For groups that require vegan dishes, we have our delectable vegan pizza available for catering to make your celebration food planning easy. For a traditional sit-down dinner, we have our salads, appetizers, entrees, and even desserts to give you the full family meal experience. 


At Bucceto’s we’re here to bring the warmth, heart, and deliciousness to your party! If you’re planning a celebration this spring, take a look through our Columbus catering menu to see what we have to make your event even better. We’re here to help you through crafting a menu, placing your order, and getting the best food for what is sure to be a memorable day!