Catering In Bloomington Takes Care Of Easter Dinner This Year

It may still be wintertime, but Easter and spring holiday dinner plans are already a hot topic amongst families all across the Bloomington area. While it may not seem so during these cold and snowy days, spring will be here before we know it, and these conversations will morph from ideas to who is in charge of the main course, who is bringing dessert, and what side everyone will be responsible for. At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn have something a little different in mind this year, and it’s an idea that takes the legwork and stress out of getting together for the holiday.
Catering in Bloomington takes care of your Easter or spring holiday dinner plans for you, and brings all of our fresh flavors right to you for your entire family to enjoy. Rather than being in charge of this dish or that, families can pool together what they would have spent on ingredients, and have their favorite delicious menu picks ready to eat. Not only does this take the legwork out of prepping your holiday dish, but it also gives you more time to spend enjoying your family, rather than getting all those last minute touches into place.
Bucceto’s catering in Bloomington has a vast menu filled with the dishes that will satisfy everyone. For those looking for gluten free, our gluten free Smiling Teeth pizzas really pack in flavor using unique topping combinations, we carry 11 different gluten free pasta dishes, and plenty of appetizers plus dessert take the gluten out of every course. Vegetarian and gluten free vegetarian dishes are also available for catering, and this makes sure that everyone at your get together leaves satisfied and happy!
Catering In Bloomington Takes Care Of Easter Dinner This YearThe holidays should be about enjoying family time together, and all too often the laundry list of tasks associated with prep overshadow what the springtime holidays are really all about. With catering in Bloomington for your Easter or other springtime special occasion dinner this year, Bucceto’s takes care of it all while you simply sit back and enjoy great food with those you love the most.

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