Celebrate Back To School With Bloomington Food Delivery

Back to school season is here in Bloomington and this means busy days, sports meet-ups, and homework nights. At Bucceto’s we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn are here to make sure you and your family are fed even when getting back to the grind gets hectic! There are a few ways you can embrace the back to school season with our Bloomington food delivery, and some of our favorites are:
Celebrate Back To School With Bloomington Food Delivery • Pizza night for the group project – Group projects help kids to learn about working together, brainstorming, and having fun while learning. When the group comes to your house to work on their project, our Bloomington food delivery makes pizza nights easy! With gluten-free and vegan pizzas along with our traditional pies, we have just the fuel they need to keep their minds sharp and their energy ongoing!
• Quick dinner after the game – As school starts up so does practice, games, and sports team meet-ups. When your child’s sport or club runs long, our Bloomington food delivery gets you your dinner fast. You can opt for a pizza for the family, or individual meals so everyone is satisfied, and there’s no prep to worry about.
• As a reward – If your child aced their first big test, we at Bucceto’s think this is reason to celebrate! Our Bloomington food delivery bringing them their Bucceto’s favorites as a reward is a great way to keep the excellence coming. All that hard work deserves the pizza that makes it all worthwhile.
• More family time – The back to school season can be a busy season, and taking time out to prep, cook, and clean-up after dinner takes up valuable family time. Rather than taking up time prepping or cleaning up after a meal, let Bucceto’s take care of dinner so you can have more quality time with the people you love the most.
No matter what your schedule looks like, Bucceto’s is here to make your dinner easy with our Bloomington food delivery. We have gluten-free dishes, vegan pizza, low-carb entrees, appetizers, desserts, and more to satiate your craving for great eats. Always convenient, check out our Bloomington food delivery today to see what we can offer to your back to school season!

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