Celebrate Getting Together With Gluten Free Pizza

After the kind of year we’ve had, we at Bucceto’s can’t wait to get back together this summer. Our Bloomington delivery is here to accommodate your summer get togethers and we have just the menu you’re looking for to ensure a great time is had by all. Our no gluten pizza is available with Bucceto’s Bloomington delivery, and we love how easy it is to feed and please any crowd.
Celebrate Getting Together With Gluten Free PizzaOur Bucceto’s Bloomington Delivery is made even easier with food delivery service apps. They let you pick and choose your no gluten pizzas, place your order, pay for your order, and tip your driver all from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone device. Whether you’re planning ahead for a big party, or you’re having a spur of the moment meet up with friends, it’s never been easier to get you the pizzas you need!
Our gluten free pizza is a great choice for a few reasons. First and foremost, millions of Americans are going gluten-free in recent years. Whether due to an allergy or an intolerance, many have found that gluten leaves them feeling less than their best, so they’re looking for alternatives in all their favorite foods. This first point brings us to our second, Bucceto’s no gluten pizza is made to taste and feel just like traditional pie! The salty stretch of the cheese, the perfect crunch of the rice flour crust, and the robust tomato sauce give you that authentic pizza experience each and every tie.
Lastly, Bucceto’s gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust, and that’s our secret to getting the perfect crunchy, tasty, and satisfying bite. By using rice flour we eliminate risk of cross-contamination with gluten and provide you with not only a delicious pizza, but a pizza you can have complete confidence in.
Now that we’re getting back together again, we at Bucceto’s want our Bloomington delivery to bring you everything you need to really enjoy the whole experience! If you’re planning a gathering, a party, a game night, or any sort of celebration, call us at Bucceto’s for one of our delicious gluten free pizzas today!

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