Celebrate Spring And Summer With Catering In Bloomington

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, and this means it’s time to plan for those parties and family gatherings! The big family reunion, 4th of July parties, graduation parties, Easter get-togethers, and memorial day picnics will be here before you know it; do you know what you’re going to serve yet? One of the biggest stressors when planning a party or event is the food; everyone knows that the food makes the experience and it can make or break a great party. Our Bucceto’s catering in Bloomington is here to make your planning easy this year!
During spring and summer, we typically crave those fresh flavors and easy eats that give us more opportunity to enjoy one another. While having a birthday party at the park, you’ll want to mingle and enjoy while also eating great food that doesn’t slow you down. Our catering in Bloomington menu at Bucceto’s is full of picks just like this, and you’ll get a full experience without missing a beat.
For spring and summer catering in Bloomington, we suggest starting with one of our fresh salads. Cool, crisp, and refreshing, it’s the perfect way to whet the appetite of every guest and get them ready for the great main course to come. The Mega House Salad, the Greek Salad, the Antipasto Salad, and the BBQ Chicken Salad are all great picks, and they can all be ordered to feed as many attendees as you need.
Celebrate Spring And Summer With Catering In BloomingtonNext up is your main course, and you’ll want something easy to eat while you’re enjoying your fun in the sun. Our pizza combos, Smiling Teeth gourmet pizzas, calzones, and sandwiches are just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re having a sit-down meal, or a stand-up and mingle type of experience, every guest will be able to eat their fill without any fuss. For those attending who require gluten-free, our gluten-free pizza picks are packed full of fresh ingredients and fresh flavors.
Your catering in Bloomington experience should enhance the feeling you get during spring and summertime celebrations, and that’s just what we set out to do at Bucceto’s. To see what catering picks we have for your next event, contact us at Bucceto’s today!

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