Columbus Food Delivery Can Be Vegetarian And No Gluten Friendly 

We know how tough it can be to get delicious, convenient, and satisfying delivery if you have certain dietary needs. At Bucceto’s, we think it’s important to keep delivery accessible and inclusive, so we make sure to keep plenty of choices on our menu for our vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan patrons looking for Columbus food delivery they can rely on. 


Some of our vegetarian Columbus food delivery fan favorites include: 


Columbus Food Delivery Can Be Vegetarian And No Gluten Friendly
  • Vegetarian specialty pizzas – We take our specialty pizzas seriously at Bucceto’s. Using our knowledge of flavor we combine ingredients and toppings to create truly special pies that showcase our ability to produce the best pizzas in Columbus. With 7 vegetarian specialty pizzas to choose from, you get to explore all corners of flavor! 
  • Vegetarian Jumbo Ravioli – Our Jumbo Ravioli is a big fan favorite, and perfect for filling you up and warming you up at the very same time. While our traditional ravioli is stuffed with beef and topped with meat sauce, our vegetarian options include a cheese or a spinach stuffed alongside our fresh tomato sauce. 
  • Spinach Artichoke Sandwich – Spinach artichoke is a classic combination, and at Bucceto’s we’re making it into a delicious lunch or dinner sandwich. In the sandwich is spinach, mushroom, red onion, and our tasty artichoke spread. 

When it comes to gluten-free, Bucceto’s keeps it anything but limited. We offer a full gluten free menu for our Columbus food delivery with fan favorites like: 


  • Gluten free pizza – Our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour crust, our robust sauce, our tasty cheese blend, and your choice of dozens of toppings. We’re so proud of our no gluten pizza we challenge our fans of traditional pies to try it and compare for themselves! 
  • Gluten free pasta – Many of our pasta sauces are gluten-free, so when paired with no gluten spaghetti you have yourself a delightful dish of comfort food. You choose the sauce and specify gluten free spaghetti, we take care of the rest. 
  • Gluten free sandwiches – Our sandwiches are also going gluten-free. We use all the same fresh ingredients on gluten-free bread to create a sandwich perfect for dinner tonight with Columbus food delivery. 

For our vegan customers, we’re now offering delicious vegan pizza! Made with our gluten-free crust, the vegan pizza is topped with tomato sauce, our vegan cheese blend, and your choice of vegan toppings including our new vegan sausage. It’s gluten-free, it’s vegan, and it’s so good every pizza lover is sure to make it a fast favorite. 


No matter what you’re after, our Columbus food delivery is here to feed you tonight at Bucceto’s! 

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