Columbus Food Delivery Coming Your Way With Fresh Soups And Sandwiches 

While pizza delivery is a weekend staple in Columbus, our Columbus food delivery is bringing a whole lot more than that to your table! From our fresh pasta dishes to our fresh salads, all of your Bucceto’s favorites are ready to be brought right to your door. 


Columbus Food Delivery Coming Your Way With Fresh Soups And Sandwiches

Not just for lunch, who doesn’t love a good soup and sandwich combo? At Bucceto’s, our soups and sandwiches are always made fresh, so you’re getting the best of the best when you order your favorite comfort foods. Soups are made in-house using wholesome ingredients bursting with flavor, and our selection of sandwiches feature fresh ingredients and a little something for everyone. 


The most popular way to order our soup along with a sandwich is in a cup, but you do have the option of a cup or a bowl for those extra hungry times. Alongside two soup sizes we also feature two soup options – pasta fagole and tomato basil. Tomato basil is a creamy and rustic soup that is perfect for pairing with any sandwich, and it’s particularly delicious for dipping our hot ham & cheese! Pasta fagole is a heartier soup that includes pasta, beans, and fresh vegetables. It works perfectly well on its own, but when pairing with a sandwich we love enjoying a cup along with a hot Italian sub or Sicilian sausage sandwich. 


As far as our sandwiches go, our Columbus food delivery options feature something for everyone! For those who want a sturdy, hearty, filling sandwich a few favorites are our meatball sub, chicken parmesan, and Sicilian sausage. For our vegetarian patrons, our spinach and artichoke sandwich is just bursting with rich earthy flavors. If you want the classic fresh sandwich feel, the hot Italian sub and ham & cheese will never do you wrong! No matter what you’re in the mood for, we have it right here at Bucceto’s. 


Columbus food delivery lets us bring you all of your Bucceto’s favorites, and ordering delivery couldn’t be easier. Ordering online right from our website, you can choose your favorite soup, favorite sandwich, and any other Bucceto’s dishes you might be craving right from our easy to navigate menu. After ordering, you can check out, pay your tab, and we’ll be there soon with the authentic Italian dishes we’re proud of! 

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