Columbus Food Delivery Makes Going Low Carb Easy

One popular way a lot of people are trying to combat that “quarantine 15” is by cutting their daily intake of carbs. Maybe not cutting carbs entirely but focusing more on healthier and leaner options where they can. Finding great tasting and satisfying food that is low carb can be tough for some, but we have a few delicious options right here at Bucceto’s. Our Columbus food delivery doesn’t just get you tasty low carb dishes, it gets them to you with total convenience!
A few of our low carb dishes include:
Columbus Food Delivery Makes Going Low Carb Easy• Salads – Fresh salads with your choice of protein are a perfect way to have a refreshing meal this summer without all of the carbs you don’t want. You can choose any of our salads, as well as our house-made dressings, along with proteins that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.
• Chicken Torino – Baked chicken breasts are combined with pesto, Monterey jack cheese, toasted pecans, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms to create a low carb dish that is absolutely bursting with flavor. Our Chicken Torino is a hearty and substantial dish you don’t have to feel guilty about!
• Baked Roman Holiday – Hearty and comforting, our Baked Roman Holiday features two chicken breasts topped with thin sliced Canadian ham, alfredo sauce, provolone cheese and bacon. For those nights when you’re craving comfort food, there is no better low carb pick.
Once you’ve found the low carb dish you’re craving, your next step is placing your order. Our Columbus food delivery ordering is easy, and it all starts with your favorite food delivery service. Open your app, search Bucceto’s, and place your order right from the in-app menu. In your app you can choose, pay, tip, and watch your order from creation to its arrival at your home.
You don’t have to “cheat” on your low carb dedication to have great food, and we’re proof of that at Bucceto’s with our Columbus food delivery. From refreshing and light, to hearty and comforting, there’s something here for every craving. If you’re looking for taste and convenience tonight, see what we have served up at Bucceto’s.

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