Complete Your Bloomington Food Delivery With A Great Beverage

When you order Bloomington food delivery at Bucceto’s we want you to have a full experience. This means more than just getting a simple take-out, it means getting the real Italian restaurant experience from the comfort of your own home. What would that experience be without the beverages that complete your meal in house? We have a number of beverages you can use to complete your Bucceto’s meal no matter what you might be choosing from our Bloomington food delivery menu tonight.
If you’re getting pizza, we have a number of bottled beers that really compliment any pie you’re thinking about choosing. Our Corona is an excellent choice if you’re going for an Ultimate Warrior or sausage pizza as the light crisp flavor cuts beautifully through the salt and fat of the cheese and toppings giving you a refreshing sip every time. If you’re opting for one of our gluten-free pizzas for your Bloomington food delivery, our Magner’s Irish Cider is free from gluten but full of flavor and pairs particularly well with a classic gluten-free cheese pizza.
Should you order one of our delicious sandwiches, we also have the crisp beverages you’re looking for to get that perfect lunch or dinner experience. You can go with a classic to classic combination by choosing our Hot Italian Sub alongside a bottle of Stella Artois. Salty, spicy, and light goes with the Stella Artois light lager perfectly giving you an ideal springtime lunch or dinner combination. Looking for something heartier? Try our Meatball Sub washed down with an ice cold Guinness for the ultimate comfort pairing experience that really fills you up.
 Complete Your Bloomington Food Delivery With A Great Beverage Our calzones are another pick that really makes a meal experience when paired with the right beverage. If you’re looking to order the Greek Garden calzone with your Bloomington food delivery, try pairing it with a Bud Light to get a dish that’s fresh, light, airy, and delicious all at once.
At Bucceto’s we’re in the market of creating meal experiences, and we love taking beverages and pairing with dishes to bring out unique and authentic flavor notes. If you’re looking to order our Bloomington food delivery tonight, why not pick up the perfect beverage to go along with your meal?

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