Creating The Atmosphere Of Our Columbus Restaurant

Throughout the last year, many families have taken to eating at home. Afterall, you can have dinner while watching a favorite show, you can unwind in your space after a long day, and you can enjoy your favorite food in pajamas or sweats if you’d like! With that, that doesn’t have to mean you lose out on experiencing your favorite Bucceto’s Columbus restaurant. With a few tips you can recreate our Bucceto’s restaurant atmosphere at home, giving you the best of both worlds! To create your own Bucceto’s at home, a few of these tips are:
Creating The Atmosphere Of Our Columbus Restaurant• Get your Bucceto’s order ready – Whether you’re ordering delivery or grabbing takeout, getting your Bucceto’s order ready is the most important part of creating your own Bucceto’s Columbus restaurant atmosphere at home! Take a good look at our menu and grab those choices that make you feel like you’ve just had an impossibly satisfying meal.
• Set the table – Setting the table and getting the good plates ready really gives you that authentic Bucceto’s experience. If you’ve ordered a salad, get the salad bowl ready, if you’re having pasta, make sure you have a nice big plate with the fork to match! Set the table with napkins, glasses, and even a pitcher of water so it’s just like sitting down at our restaurant.
• Turn a little music on – While you won’t have the chatter of happy diners behind you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little peaceful background noise! Putting on some low classical Italian music is a great way to feel like you’re having a great dinner in an authentic Italian restaurant like Bucceto’s.
• Don’t forget about dessert – What meal experience is complete without dessert? We have a variety of sweets to choose from to finish off your meal, so don’t forget to order your favorite. From our Carnegie Deli cheesecake shipped in from NYC to our gluten-free chocolate torte, there’s something for every taste.

If you’re looking to have a date night in or you’re just trying to make dinner at home a little more fun tonight, call us at Bucceto’s and bring our Columbus restaurant to your kitchen table!

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