Don’t Forget Dessert At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus

Our Italian restaurant in Columbus might be serving up some of the best authentic Italian food in the Columbus area, but that doesn’t mean you should fill up without saving room for something sweet! Our Bucceto’s menu is crafted to give you a full Italian experience, and this means you have your appetizers, your salads, your pizzas, entrees, pastas, and your desserts to finish it all off right. Our desserts at Bucceto’s are some of our favorite menu items, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn want to walk you through our dessert menu to show you what it’s really all about: 

  • Authentic Carnegie Deli Cheesecake – NYC cheesecake is a bucket list item for many, to travel to New York City and sit down to an authentic slice of the good stuff. For those in Columbus, the good news is you don’t have to shell out for airfare to get it! We fly in authentic Carnegie Deli Cheesecake right from the source; it’s rich, it’s creamy, and it’s a must-try for anyone looking to have that authentic New York experience. 
  • Layer Carrot Cake – An autumn favorite here at Bucceto’s, our Layer Carrot Cake embraces all of the flavors of the fall. The sweet carrot cake is slightly spiced to bring out the earthy flavors of the carrot, while the cream cheese icing serves as a perfect balance to ensure each bite is perfect. 
Don’t Forget Dessert At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus
  • Chocolate Torte – We value our no gluten customers at Bucceto’s, so we made sure to have a delectable dessert menu item they’re going to love. Our Chocolate Torte is the epitome of decadence, and it’s made completely flourless to ensure an excellent dessert for everyone. 
  • Tiramisu – What would an authentic Italian restaurant in Columbus be without great Tiramisu? At Bucceto’s, we want you to feel like you’re sitting in a little Italian café when you sit down to enjoy a sweet, so we import our Tiramisu straight from the source. Genuine Italian Tiramisu is the perfect finish to an authentic Italian meal. 
  • High 5 Chocolate Layer Cake – If you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of decadence, it’s hard to beat our High 5 Chocolate Layer Cake. With 5 layers of chocolate, it’s an intense experience perfect for sharing. 

Are you in the mood to make the night a little sweeter? Stop in at Bucceto’s to satisfy that sweet tooth tonight! 

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