Enjoy A Glass Of Wine At Our Italian Restaurant

What would an Italian restaurant be without great wine? At Bucceto’s, we like to keep things authentic. This means making sure you have the complete meal experience you want to have when you’re in the mood for great Italian.


At our restaurant, we have a wine list that includes five white and four red varieties that you can order by the glass or bottle, depending on your desired dining experience.


Enjoy A Glass Of Wine At Our Italian RestaurantWhite Wines




Our Chardonnay is our most versatile wine and one of the most popular picks on our menu. This medium to full-bodied wine has notes of light apple and tropical fruits, with an oak and vanilla dry down that never overpowers the flavor of our more delicate sauces.


Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is a lighter-bodied white wine when compared to our Chardonnay. Where our Chardonnay is a bit sweeter, the Sauvignon Blanc features citrus and herbal notes that pair beautifully with our herbal sauces. With a higher acidity, this is a white wine we love pairing with a fresh and cheesy Bucceto’s pizza.


Pinot Grigio


Acidic and crispy, our Pinot Grigio is another popular pick. This wine features notes of lemon, lime, pear, and peach, and you may notice aromatics of honeysuckle and almond when you put your nose to the glass. A mouthwatering acidity makes it an excellent pick for our cream-based sauces.




Our Moscato is perfumed and sweet, making it an excellent sipping wine while you’re enjoying a table full of Bucceto’s appetizers with friends. This wine gives off flavor notes of peach, pear, honey, and a touch of floral jasmine, along with an aroma that is distinctly herbal and flowery.




Lastly, our bubbly Prosecco is another white wine perfect for pairing with a tasty cheese pizza or any of our Bucceto’s cream sauces. This white wine features flavors of honeydew, green apple, and fresh juicy pear. It works beautifully in the cooler months, and we love pairing it with a big bowl of our hearty Pasta Alfredo.


Red Wines




Merlot has a flavor that’s rich, deep, and luxurious. You’ll find notes of blackberries, clove, dark chocolate, vanilla, and elderberry, with a distinct earthy aroma that works particularly well with our rich, hearty red sauces.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is herbal and earthy, with unique aromatic notes akin to pencil wood and fresh baking spices. The full-bodied sweetness that’s found in Cabernet Sauvignon is provided by flavor notes such as blackcurrant and blackberry.




Chianti can cause a bit of confusion to the palate with it’s rich sweet flavors paired with a distinctly dry mouth feel, but we feel like this just makes this choice more unique. Notes you’ll find in Chianti include cherry, raspberry, and cinnamon, with aromatics that include sweet tobacco and herbs.


Pinot Noir


Lastly, we have Pinot Noir. Floral, fruity, and earthy all at once, Pinot Noir is one of our fan favorites for pairing with our classic hearty red sauces. Cherry and raspberry tend to hit the palate and nose first when sipping our Pinot Noir, with flavors of vanilla, mushroom, and hibiscus soon to follow.


Wine And Dine At Bucceto’s


At Bucceto’s, we have the flavors you’re looking for when you find yourself in the mood for great comfort food. Stop by our Italian restaurant tonight and let us show you what our wine list is all about!