Enjoy A Meatless Night At Our Italian Restaurant Bloomington

According to a recent study by the CDC and published in Harvard University’s Harvard Health Publishing, only 9% of American adults eat enough veggies. Some might not think that incorporating fresh vegetables into their daily diet is very convenient. Others think they don’t enjoy eating vegetables, and other people simply forget to include veggies in their diets.


At Bucceto’s, we love a good veggie dish, and we’ve got the menu to prove it! Let’s explore the meatless options we have at our Italian restaurant Bloomington.


Bucceto’s: An Italian Restaurant In Bloomington Committed To Using Fresh Vegetables


Enjoy A Meatless Night At Our Italian Restaurant BloomingtonAt Bucceto’s, we use fresh vegetables for our pizza toppings. This allows us to keep the integrity and flavor of our veggie toppings, long after they have been added to our delicious, piping-hot pizzas.


Our veggie options don’t just stop at pizza toppings. Plus, we’re striving to make getting enough vegetables convenient and delicious for all of our Bloomington area customers!


Bucceto’s Appetizers For Vegetable Lovers And Skeptics


Our appetizer list has a number of vegetarian options. One of our favorites is our Bruschetta, which really highlights the freshness of the produce we use. This appetizer takes small pieces of crostini and tops them with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and optional goat cheese.


This bright and balanced starter is a great way to share a bit of freshness with the table before digging into a good meal!


Let’s move on to our salads, which are more than just lettuce and dressing. A favorite is our Greek Salad, which is topped with fresh crumbles of creamy feta cheese. It is also packed full of delicious and healthy vegetables you’ll love on their own, such as spinach, red onions, black olives, and tomato slices.


Go Meatless With Our Calzones


If our fresh Greek Salad got you craving, you’ll also love our Greek Garden calzone! Our calzones are just as tasty as our pizzas but in a different and fun sort of turnover style.


Fresh dough is filled with sauce, cheese, and your choice of three regular pizza toppings to create a perfect “pizza pocket.” At our Italian restaurant Bloomington, the Greek Garden calzone is filled with spinach, red onion, black olives, tomato, and feta cheese.


Even those who don’t reach for vegetables very often can find a meatless dish they’ll love at Bucceto’s! Drop by this week and let us show you the difference our fresh ingredients are all about. You can also order online and satisfy your cravings right at home.