Enjoy Our Best Pizza In Columbus 3 Ways

At Bucceto’s we’re proud to serve the area with the very best pizza in Columbus. What some customers may not know is that we’re not only serving up the traditional pie. Our pizzas are made to make sure the entire Columbus community is left feeling satisfied, so we have a pizza for everyone who walks through our doors. Our best pizza in Columbus comes in 3 base varieties –
• Traditional – Our traditional pies at Bucceto’s are some of our most popular. We use wholesome ingredients in creating our crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings to make sure we keep our best pizza in Columbus reputation. We want our customers to be able to have the satisfaction they want out of a traditional pie, but in an elevated way to allow them to enjoy every ingredient we use.
Enjoy Our Best Pizza In Columbus 3 Ways• Gluten-free – We also serve up gluten-free pizza at Bucceto’s. With millions of Americans going gluten free due to sensitivities, allergies, or dietary restrictions, we want to make sure every customer can have a pizza they’re sure to love. After all, pizza is America’s number one favorite comfort food! Our gluten-free pizza is made with rice flour crust to ensure safe consumption with no worry of cross-contamination. The crust provides the same crunch, structure, and delicious flavor as a traditional pie but without the concern about gluten.
• Vegan – Our vegan pizza is perfect for our vegan crowd, and this pizza is topped with our robust sauce, vegan cheese, optional vegan sausage, and any vegan toppings you may choose. One particularly impressive aspect about our vegan pizzas is that even our non-vegan customers can rarely tell the difference – it simply tastes like a cozy, tasty, and satisfying traditional pie! Whether you’re adhering to a vegan diet or not, we encourage anyone to stop in and try our best vegan pizza in Columbus.
Whether you’re going traditional, gluten-free, or vegan, we are proud to serve you the best pizza in Columbus. If you’re looking for a great pizza tonight, see what we’re serving up at Bucceto’s!

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