Finding An Italian Restaurant Near Me That Serves Great Food And Wine 

You’re feeling hungry, you’ve got a craving for delicious authentic Italian food. You imagine what you want the experience to be like, and before typing “Italian restaurant near me” into your favorite search engine – think about what that experience looks like. You’re probably dreaming up a great atmosphere, a table full of steaming hot fresh-made Italian food, looking across the table at people you love, and enjoying conversation with a great glass of wine. That sounds a lot like what we’ve got to offer at Buccceto’s! 


At Bucceto’s, we’re not just offering you a menu full of authentic Italian fares, we’re also making your meal an experience with all the wines you love to go along with it. With 5 whites and 4 reds to choose from, we’re giving you the Italian restaurant near me answer you’ve been looking for all along. 


Finding An Italian Restaurant Near Me That Serves Great Food And Wine

If you’re not quite sure what you’re after, but you know you want a real-deal Italian dinner night, we’d suggest taking a look at our wine specials. Each day Sunday through Thursday we offer $3.50 glasses of different wines along with meal pairing suggestions to really make your meal complete. Breaking down our specials: 


  • Sunday – Sunday’s special is our Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine we suggest pairing with our white clam linguine, our basil pesto, or sipping while you share our spinach artichoke dip appetizer with the table. 
  • Monday – Mondays are all about Pinot. Our Pinot Grigio is another tasty white, and we love pairing it with our fresh bruschetta, hearty chicken picatta, or our pasta primavera. 
  • Tuesday – Chianti Classico day is Tuesday. Rich, red, and delicious, we love sipping this with our angel hair and tomato sauce, Napoli calzone, or a tried and true classic – our cheese pizza
  • Wednesday – Chardonnay Wednesdays are right here at Bucceto’s! Make the most out of your glass of Chardonnay by pairing it with our diavolo pasta, twice baked pizza, or our vodka cream sauce. 
  • Thursday – It’s getting dark and homey on Thursdays at Bucceto’s. Thursday is Pinot Noir day, and to really make the most of your experience, we love sipping with our classic pepperoni pizza, a slice of our humble pie, or our meat or vegetable ravioli with tomato sauce. 


No matter which day you stop in at Bucceto’s, we’re here with the perfect Italian meal experience. Have another pairing you love? We can’t wait to hear all about it!