Finding The Perfect Picks On Our Buccetos Menu

What makes us special at Bucceto’s? We like to think it’s our menu! We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn take great pride in providing the people of Columbus and Bloomington with authentic Italian dishes absolutely packed with only the freshest flavors. Finding the perfect pick on our Buccetos menu is easy; the hard part is choosing only one!
If you’re looking to cater an event in Bloomington or Columbus, our Buccetos menu has you taken care of. We have an extensive catering menu filled with finger foods, pizzas, full entrees, appetizers, and even desserts, so you’ve always got just what your guests want. When you opt for our catering, you don’t have to worry about doing the cooking yourself, and you can actually have time to sit back and enjoy the celebration with everyone else. Our catering menu at Bucceto’s features both half and full pan servings for celebrations of all shapes and sizes.
Finding The Perfect Picks On Our Buccetos MenuIf you’re looking for lunch, our Buccetos menu is jam packed. One of our top Buccetos menu picks for lunch is of course pizza, and we have lunch specials going every day so you can try every slice. A slice, salad, and drink special gives you just what you’re looking for if you want a fresh and rejuvenating lunch dish. From Monday to Friday, we have a meat and veggie slice option for the special, and these can be made in gluten-free varieties as well.
What’s more comforting than a full Italian dinner? Our Buccetos menu really shines during the dinner hour, and from our fresh pizzas to our flavorful entrees, we’re ready to feed the entire family. We want our Buccetos menu for dinner to satisfy everyone in your party, so we have vegan and gluten free options to make sure everyone can find something they absolutely love on our Buccetos menu.
If you’re wondering what we’re all about at Bucceto’s, just take a look at our Bucceto’s menu. From fresh and tasty salads, to wholesome entrees, to comforting pastas or pizzas, there’s something for every appetite or any day of the week at Bucceto’s. The same love and care that goes into our everyday dishes also go into our Bucceto’s catering menu, promising you the same authentic experience whether you’re dining with us or at home with friends and family during a celebration! What will you be having off the Buccetos menu today?

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