For A Tastier Gluten Free Columbus

While a gluten allergy affects only about 3 million individuals across the United States, more than 18 million Americans consider themselves to be gluten sensitive. Gluten sensitivity differs from gluten allergies in a few ways, mainly having to do with the symptoms one would experience if they consume gluten products. With a gluten allergy, consuming gluten either intentionally or through cross-contamination could cause a person to face hospitalizations and serious consequences. With gluten intolerances, ingesting gluten may not lead to hospitalizations, but it will lead to serious and sometimes lasting discomfort or symptoms.
A tastier gluten free Columbus is one of our goals at Bucceto’s, and our owner Paul Heilbrunn made sure to craft our menu including plenty of gluten free options. Our gluten free Columbus menu features gluten free spaghetti, gluten free pizza, and plenty of gluten free entrees to make sure everyone in your party or at your celebration can get the same comforting and delicious Bucceto’s experience. Our gluten free pizza is made using rice flour, ensuring every crispy, melty, and delicious bite is just as satisfying as the ”classic” pizza experience.
For A Tastier Gluten Free ColumbusOur gluten free menu doesn’t stop at our traditional lunch or dinner menus. We offer catering in Columbus that also features some of our favorite gluten free dishes and picks. If you’re planning a celebration or event attended by those with gluten free Columbus needs, simply ask us about our gluten free picks and how we can best serve your party. Our gluten free pizza is a big hit with catering, but gluten free pasta dishes, sides, entrees, and even desserts can be made to help in crafting your perfect inclusive menu. We make catering simple, even if you’re looking for a gluten free Columbus menu!
With so many recognizing the signs and symptoms of gluten intolerances or allergies, getting a great meal out with a group can be a challenge. We want Columbus to know that it’s never a challenge at Bucceto’s, and we’re always serving up fresh, wholesome, and tasty authentic Italian dishes for those with all dietary needs. Along with our gluten free Columbus menu, we’re also offering vegan pizza that can be made with or without gluten free crust, and that tastes just as rich and just as good as a traditional pie!

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