Get More Out Of Your Pasta At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus 

One of the stars at our Italian restaurant in Columbus is none other than our delightful pasta menu! Hearty ravioli, spicy diavolo, refreshing white clam linguine, and everything in between – we’re serving it all. What could make your pasta even better at Bucceto’s? Our wine specials make your pairings easy. 


At Bucceto’s, we have wine specials available Sunday through Thursday, with $3.50 glasses highlighting a different wine each night. Along with the highlighted wine, we have pasta and appetizer pairings so you can not only get the most flavor out of the wine, but enjoy our Italian restaurant in Columbus dishes in a new way at the same time. We choose our pairings to bring out the best notes in both, so you’re getting a well-rounded experience that gives you a fresh way to experience an old favorite.


Sundays are for Sauvignon Blanc, and along with our Sauvignon Blanc we recommend a couple of different refreshing pasta dishes. The white clam linguini is fresh, salty, and reminiscent of sitting at an Italian bistro beside the ocean, creating a perfect flavor balance with the light wine. If the white clam linguini isn’t what you’re looking for, we also suggest our basil pesto. With rustic herbal notes, the sweetness of the wine really shines through. 


Get More Out Of Your Pasta At Our Italian Restaurant In Columbus

If you’re looking at our pasta primavera, you might want to stop in at our Italian restaurant in Columbus on a Monday. Our Monday wine special is Pinot Grigio, which pairs perfectly with the fresh vegetables and cream used in our primavera sauce. Maybe you’re after something richer, darker, and more traditional – then Tuesday is your day! On Tuesdays our wine special is Chianti Classico, which balances the acidity of our angel hair and tomato sauce beautifully. 


On Wednesdays we go back to light and fresh with our Chardonnay wine special. Chardonnay works very nicely with our mild, medium, or spicy diavolo sauce, but if you’re looking for a certain richness, we also suggest trying it with our vodka cream sauce. To finish out the week on Thursday, we take the opposite approach. With a Pinot Noir wine special, we love a good ravioli pairing. Our Bucceto’s fresh ravioli can be found in spinach, cheese, or beef varieties, each bringing something a little different to the wine. 


There’s no bad day to visit our Italian restaurant in Columbus, but there’s plenty of great ones! If you’re stopping in for a glass during the week, we can’t wait to see what pasta dishes you’ll pair with our daily wine specials.