Get Spicy With Our Gluten Free Pizza Columbus 

With the weather cooling down rapidly around Columbus, it’s the season for warm, spicy, heat-you-up-from-the-inside, comfort food! At Bucceto’s we’re making up comfort food for everyone, including our gluten-free patrons looking for a worry-free meal they’re sure they’re going to love. 


Spicy pizza might not be for everyone, but the ones who love it really love it. At Bucceto’s we have dozens of fresh toppings to choose from, even those perfect for the hungry person who wants a pizza that bites back. 


Get Spicy With Our Gluten Free Pizza Columbus

Before digging into our spicy toppings, we want to break down what makes our gluten free pizza Columbus special. Rather than using traditional wheat flour, we start our dough off with rice flour – a naturally no gluten alternative that allows our dough to maintain its flavor and structural integrity. It serves as the foundation of our gluten free pizza, and it’s nearly indistinguishable from our famous traditional pies. 


On top of the dough rests our robust house made sauce. This sauce is gluten-free, fresh, and gives some brightness, moisture, and acidity to your gluten free pizza Columbus. On top of the sauce is our cheese blend, covering your pizza and creating a blanket where all of your tasty toppings can rest upon. 


Now that you know what makes our gluten free pizza Columbus special, lets get into our fall and winter-friendly spicy toppings. Our gluten-free spicy pizza toppings include: 


  • Banana peppers – Banana peppers are those classic yellow peppers that you’re like to find on sandwiches or in salads. They give the perfect mild, but tasty, spice. 
  • Chilies – For those who want some good heat on their pizza we have our fresh chilies. Small but mighty, they pair perfectly with cool cilantro. 
  • Chili oil – To bring a little heat to any pizza, chili oil is the perfect addition to a gluten free pizza Columbus. 
  • Chorizo sausage – Chorizo sausage is the perfect option for those who love sausage on pizza but want a bit of extra spice. Not too spicy, it’s a great introduction to pizzas with a bite. 
  • Hot Italian sausage – If Chorizo isn’t what you’re after, hot Italian sausage brings the heat with a traditional sausage flavor. 
  • Jalapeno – Jalapeno is a classic hot pizza topping. More intense than a banana pepper, but not quite to the level of chilies, it’s a great middle-ground. 


At Bucceto’s we want to serve up pizza to patrons of every dietary need and every palate. If you want a bit of a kick with your no gluten pizza tonight, we can’t wait to make you the best pie in Columbus! 

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