Get To Know Our Columbus Restaurant Wine Specials 

Our Columbus restaurant at Bucceto’s is known for providing an authentic full Italian experience. What would the authentic experience be without great wine? We have a varied wine list at Bucceto’s, so if you don’t have a favorite yet our wine specials are a great place to start. 


Get To Know Our Columbus Restaurant Wine Specials

From Sunday through Thursday, we offer wine specials for a special price, which gives you the best opportunity to sample all of the different wines we feature on our menu. Every day features a particular wine, and we’ve even outlined excellent Bucceto’s pairing options so you can really appreciate all the notes in your wine as well as the delicious flavors in your favorite dishes. To break down our wine specials, we have: 


  • Sunday – Sauvignon Blanc is our Sunday special, a delightful white that works best with some of our fresh dishes. If you’re feeling in a seafood mood, we have white clam linguini and balances with the wine perfect. If you’re just coming in for some apps, a little wine, and good company, Sauvignon Blanc makes an excellent pairing with our spinach artichoke dip. 
  • Monday – Mondays are for Pinot Grigio! This mild dry white wine is balanced and calm, so it makes an excellent pairing with our fresh bruschetta, but it also works well with heartier dishes like our chicken picatta. 
  • Tuesday – For a classic Italian Tuesday evening, we feature our Chianti Classico. If you’re feeling a bit of pasta, we love pairing a glass with our classic angel hair pasta and tomato sauce. Coming in for a classic Columbus favorite? Cheese pizza is another pairing we can’t get enough of with this wine! 
  • Wednesday – Full bodied, dry, and with a tart fruit crisp, Chardonnay is perfect for getting over the mid-week blues. A fall favorite, our Twice Baked pizza is perfectly balanced by the bite of a good sip of Chardonnay. 
  • Thursday – Pinot Noir is rich, deep, and fruity, making it an excellent selection when enjoying our classic pepperoni pizza. If you’re looking for something hearty, warm, comforting, and vegetarian friendly, we also love enjoying this Thursday special wine with our spinach ravioli in tomato sauce. 


There’s always something exciting happening at our Columbus restaurant, and we want to make sure you can plan accordingly! If you plan to stop by this week to try one of our wine specials and Bucceto’s pairings, we’ll be here ready to welcome you in. 

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