Get To Know Our New Vegan Cheese And Sausage

Those who have been looking into grabbing our Bloomington food delivery may have noticed that Bucceto’s in Bloomington and Columbus is now offering vegan cheese and sausage pizzas. Both ingredients are well known to contain animal by products in their traditional forms, meat and dairy respectively, so they’re not something that may be enjoyed by our vegan customers. At Bucceto’s we want to offer delicious pizzas to everyone of our service areas, including those who adhere to a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diet.
Get To Know Our New Vegan Cheese And Sausage Our vegan cheese and sausage toppings are completely animal by product free, with cheese made from plant-based dairy and sausage created using plant based products alongside traditional sausage spices. These toppings can be paired with additional veggie friendly toppings like our mushrooms, onions, black olives, peppers, or fresh garlic or enjoyed alone with a robust flavor profile that stands out on its own.
We take pride in our vegan cheese and its ability to take everything you love about cheese and recreate it in a dairy-free form. When you bite into your Bloomington food delivery pizza with vegan cheese the first thing you’ll notice is the spot-on texture of stretchy, ooey, gooey, melty cheese as you’d expect when you take that first bite into a great slice of pizza. As you’re enjoying your bite, you’ll also find that the cheese has the same salty and tangy texture you’re looking for and a mouth feel that perfectly mimics traditional pizza cheese blends.
Our vegan sausage is nearly indistinguishable from traditional sausage as well. We made sure to create a sausage product that makes careful use of all the right spices, so you’re still getting that salty, spicy, and smokey flavor with each bite. The zing of the vegan sausage is an excellent accompaniment to the salty and comforting flavor of our vegan cheese!
Whether you’re looking to order a vegan cheese and sausage pizza along with your Bloomington food delivery tonight, or it’s something you’ve been considering trying for a while, we have complete confidence that you’re going to love it! Stop in at Bucceto’s tonight and give them a try – we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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