Getting To The Bottom Of Gluten Intolerance

There is some discrepancy between gluten intolerance and gluten allergy. For those with gluten allergies, the reactions when exposed to gluten can be devastating. For those with intolerance, they’re sometimes a little more difficult to pick out. You might find that you feel just plain lousy after eating certain meals, but it could take a while before you pinpoint those symptoms to gluten in particular. A few common signs of gluten intolerance include:
• Bloating – Have you ever felt like your belly is fit to explode after eating a meal? Bloating happens when the stomach swells up with gas after a meal, and 87% of those with a gluten intolerance report feeling bloated after eating gluten.
Getting To The Bottom Of Gluten Intolerance• Stomach ache – When you eat something great, you want to feel good about it. 83% of people with a gluten intolerance have reported that they will come down with a stomach ache after eating gluten, taking away the joy they should be feeling about their food.
• Headaches – When you come down with a headache, you might point to lack of sleep or too much stress as the top culprit. However, those with gluten intolerances often report coming down with more headaches than usual when they’ve consumed gluten.
• Brain fog – Have you ever had trouble remembering the name of that song? That word you were looking for? Where you put your keys? Brain fog is annoying, and it’s often reported as a sign or symptom of gluten intolerance after consuming gluten.
If you suspect you might have a gluten intolerance, this is something that should be brought up to your doctor first and foremost. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to see if gluten might be the cause of the annoying symptoms you might be experiencing beforehand. While eating gluten-free might seem daunting, we at Bucceto’s want to make it delicious and easy.
Our no gluten pizza is just one facet of our varied and exciting gluten free menu. Gluten free pasta dishes made with no gluten spaghetti, appetizers, salads, and even sandwiches dot our gluten free menu to give you options for every day of the week. Not just for dining in, you can eat gluten free with your food delivery Bloomington, at your catered event, or at your birthday party in our West 3rd party venue Bloomington location. If you’re looking to give no gluten pizza or another dish a try, call us tonight to see for yourself!

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