Gluten Free Columbus Can Now Go Vegan

There are millions of Americans looking for gluten free these days. Many have found that gluten intolerances cause a vast array of different GI and other health issues and in order to live comfortably they feel as though they need to cut out some of their very favorite comfort foods. At Bucceto’s, our gluten free Columbus pizza is here to prove that sentiment wrong, providing customers with gluten free pizza that isn’t just delicious, but comes free from any risk of cross-contamination. For those who do require gluten free Columbus pizza, but also adhere to a vegan diet, we have you covered, too!


Gluten Free Columbus Can Now Go Vegan


Our vegan pizza can be made gluten free by using our rice flour crust. Rather than using traditional flour, rice flour uses no gluten at all, but still provides the same flavor and crunch you’ve come to love in a great pie. In our vegan gluten free Columbus pizza at Bucceto’s, the rice flour crust is topped with our wholesome sauce, and then topped again with salty, stretchy, and comforting vegan cheese. Our vegan cheese is made without any animal by-products and provides the same perfect texture and flavor you expect from a Bucceto’s pizza.


Once you’ve got your basic vegan gluten free Columbus pizza down, you can then start to play with your topping choices! We at Bucceto’s have a number of vegan friendly pizza toppings, as well as our vegan sausage. Our vegan sausage, like our vegan cheese, is made using no animal derivatives, but it has the same spice, salt, and texture you’re looking for from a great sausage topping.


A common misconception about vegan gluten free Columbus pizza is that it just doesn’t taste as good as a traditional pie, so many who don’t require or adhere to these diets skip over it. At Bucceto’s, we made sure to disprove this notion, and we encourage all of our patrons to try our vegan gluten free pizza to see for yourself just how good it really is!


Whether you’re planning a party, you’re looking for something a little different, or you adhere to a vegan gluten free diet, we at Bucceto’s have the perfect pizza for you. Stop in, say hello, and pick up a vegan gluten free Columbus pizza today at Bucceto’s to see what our recipe is all about!

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