Gluten Free Columbus Food Delivery Makes Dinner Easier Than Ever 

Our Columbus food delivery at Bucceto’s isn’t just serving up our traditional Italian fares, it’s also bringing you your gluten-free favorites. Inclusivity is important to us at Bucceto’s, and we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn strive provide delicious meals to folks of all dietary needs throughout the Columbus area. If you’re looking for something easy, inclusive, and delicious in Columbus, Bucceto’s has just what you need. 

We keep our gluten-free menu extensive at Bucceto’s with appetizers, salads, soups, pizza, and even pasta in tasty gluten-free varieties. Some of our customer favorites include: 


Gluten Free Columbus Food Delivery Makes Dinner Easier Than Ever
  • Gluten-free pizza – Our gluten-free pizza is 10” round and made on a foundation of delicious rice flour crust. By using rice flour we’re able to maintain the same structural integrity you come to expect from a Bucceto’s pizza, along with that taste that really makes our pizza great. On top of the crust is our robust sauce made from fresh tomatoes and herbs, a domestic and Italian cheese blend, and any number of gluten-free toppings. With dozens of toppings to choose from, you can create a completely custom pie or go with one of our unique specialty pizza combinations. 
  • No gluten pasta – Our gluten-free pasta gives our no gluten patrons a way to enjoy one of their favorite comfort dishes without worry! We use gluten-free spaghetti, which can then be topped with any gluten-free sauce of your choosing. Some of our gluten-free friendly sauces include the fan favorite diavolo, classic tomato sauce, hearty meat sauce, cream alfredo, fresh basil pesto, comforting rosemary cream chicken, salty clam sauce, sweet and spicy shrimp Santa Cruz, spicy vodka cream sauce and more. 
  • Gluten-free sandwiches – Using gluten-free bread, we also have no gluten sandwiches ready for our Columbus food delivery. There are few things more classic than a good Italian made sandwich, and we have plenty of classics to choose from. Some of our customer favorite gluten-free sandwich picks include the hot Italian sub, the ham and cheese, and the spinach artichoke. 

Our gluten-free Columbus food delivery doesn’t just make acquiring dinner convenient; it keeps ordering convenient as well. Whether you’re ordering for a crowd, or you have someone with gluten-free needs in the family, everyone comes away full and satisfied at Bucceto’s. Thinking of making dinner easy tonight? Come see what our gluten-free delivery menu has for you! 

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