Gluten Free Columbus Is Bursting With Fresh Flavors

We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn at Bucceto’s have set out to do one thing – deliver the freshest, most delicious, most satisfying Italian food to all of our patrons in Columbus. In doing this we had to consider, what does it mean to serve all? It means serving those with traditional diets, those with vegan or vegetarian diets, and those who eat gluten-free due to allergy or intolerance. We want any person who walks through our doors to find something they love at Bucceto’s, so no matter where a dish falls on the dietary scale, it’s always made fresh and bursting with flavor! 

Gluten Free Columbus Is Bursting With Fresh Flavors

A common misconception that surrounds gluten-free is that it’s synonymous with flavor-free. We at Bucceto’s know this isn’t true, and we prove this assumption false with every gluten free Columbus dish we make! Our gluten free pizza uses rice flour crust, allowing us to create the foundation for a flavorful and substantial pie, and it’s topped with our robust tomato sauce, our fresh cheese blend, and any number of gluten-free toppings you can want or imagine. Each bite is packed with flavor and we make sure every ingredient is adding something fantastic to your culinary experience! 


We don’t stop at pizza, and our gluten free Columbus menu goes further than ordering a great pie. Our gluten free pasta dishes are made with gluten free spaghetti that can then be topped with any number of our house made tasty sauces. Going out for a pasta dinner doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience for those with gluten-free needs anymore at Bucceto’s! 


Pizza and pasta are great, but what if you’re sharing an appetizer with the table? What if you’re in the mood for sandwiches or something a little lighter? Our gluten free Columbus menu is inclusive from the top to the bottom, so you have a complete meal experience with every visit. If you’re feeling a bit of a sweet tooth, we even have gluten-free dessert for the perfect finish.


At Bucceto’s we’re here to share the flavor, and flavor is just what you’re getting no matter what you order from our menu! Haven’t tried gluten free before? Stop by Bucceto’s in Columbus today to see what the flavor is really all about! 

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