Gluten Free Columbus Residents Need Great Food, Too 

According to recent studies by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, 25% of Americans follow a gluten-free diet as of 2020. While around 1 in 20 of these individuals will have a gluten allergy, some may feel their bodies are gluten intolerant, and other still simply want to know what a diet free from gluten feels like. In short – there are a lot of gluten-free Americans out there, and while they may not want the gluten, they still want good food! 


At Bucceto’s, gluten free Columbus residents know that they always have something to eat right here at Bucceto’s. In crafting our menu, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn put special care into making sure it’s inclusive to every resident of Columbus looking something good. 


Our gluten-free pizza is made with rice flour crust, which we’ve found is the best choice for flavor, texture, and real substance in your gluten-free pizza. Gluten free Columbus patrons can enjoy a pizza with that satisfying crunch and delicious flavor they dream of when they think of great pizza, but there’s none of the gluten they’d like to avoid. With dozens of toppings to choose from, our gluten-free pizzas are completely customizable. 


Gluten Free Columbus Residents Need Great Food, Too

We don’t stop at pizza at Bucceto’s! Our gluten free pasta dishes are real crowd pleasers, too. For our pasta dishes, we use spaghetti prepared in a 100% gluten-free facility, so it’s the perfect choice for those who have gluten allergies as well as intolerances. Topping our spaghetti you can have your pick of our Bucceto’s famous sauces, like meat sauce, tomato, diavolo, alfredo, basil pesto, vodka cream, and more. The result? A delicious pasta dish you can simply enjoy without worry. 


For lunch, our sandwiches can also be prepared gluten-free. Using gluten-free bread, you can enjoy fan-favorites like our Hot Italian Sub, Sicilian Sausage, Ham & Cheese, Meatball Sub, and even our Spinach and Artichoke all served up with a crispy side of chips. 


At Bucceto’s, we completely understand that gluten free Columbus patrons need someplace to have a great meal, and we want to be that place! The next time you’re looking for great gluten-free fares, stop in and see what we’re serving up in Columbus.