Gluten-Free Date Night With Bloomington Food Delivery

What makes a great date night? It’s the atmosphere, the food, the company, and the fun – and you can build that anywhere! While we love seeing you here for date night, we also love bringing Bucceto’s to you for your date nights in. Our Bloomington food delivery gives you access to our entire Bucceto’s menu, including our inclusive and extensive gluten-free picks.


Gluten-Free Date Night With Bloomington Food Delivery At Bucceto’s, we know how important it is to provide great Italian food to everyone in the Bloomington area, so we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn put a ton of thought into creating the best gluten-free menu possible. Nearly everything you love can be found in both traditional and gluten-free varieties. What does this mean for your Bloomington food delivery for date night? It means you get exactly what you crave but without the worry of gluten exposure.


Our gluten free pasta is made with no gluten spaghetti, which can be topped with the majority of our delicious house-made sauces.  This means if you love a spicy Diavolo, a creamy alfredo, or even a fresh pesto – you can have it gluten-free. The spaghetti pasta is crafted in a 100% gluten-free facility and it’s a flavorful fan-favorite of our no-gluten guests.


If you’re not in the mood for pasta, we’ve also got our gluten-free pizza! Our no-gluten pizza is a huge hit with our Bucceto’s patrons, including those who don’t normally adhere to a gluten-free diet. This pizza is made using a wholesome rice flour crust, so you get the same taste, texture, and foundation for your favorite pizza, just none of the gluten you need to avoid.


Our gluten-free Bloomington food delivery menu doesn’t stop there. If you’re having a picnic date, what would a great picnic be without the perfect sandwich? Served with chips and on gluten-free bread, you can have your pick from our Hot Italian Sub, Sicilian Sausage, Meatball Sub, Ham & Cheese, or Spinach Artichoke sandwiches for your perfect casual picnic date.


We have all this and more on our gluten-free Bloomington food delivery menu at Bucceto’s. If you’re looking to make your own date night at home, and you’re looking for gluten-free food you’re going to love, order from our website and we’ll bring it right over!