Gluten Free Restaurants Feed Your Entire Party

At Bucceto’s, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn strive to provide the type of atmosphere to satisfy your entire party. At both of our Columbus and Bloomington gluten free restaurants, we have menu items that ensure those with all dietary needs can find something they love. For those who require gluten free restaurants, it can be tough to enjoy a meal out with a group of family or friends. Specialty gluten free restaurants may not have dishes that appeal to the entire party, they may be unaffordable, or they may be “gluten free” only to fit the trend causing you to worry about risking cross-contamination. For those with gluten allergies, cross contamination can be particularly dangerous.
Our gluten free restaurants in Columbus and Bloomington cover all of your bases, and give you an option that is sure to make sure your entire party is satisfied. Pizza, pasta, appetizers, and desserts all have gluten free options suitable for those with either intolerances or gluten allergies. For those with dietary restrictions, you have plenty to choose from, and others in your party can choose what they’d like as well.
Gluten Free Restaurants Feed Your Entire PartyOur gluten free pizza never lacks flavor, which is a major concern for many when it comes to opting for the gluten free option. Made from rice flour, we use all of the same fresh, robust, and authentic ingredients we use in our “traditional” pizzas, so each bite is something to savor. If you’re having pizza with a group, ordering a gluten free pizza isn’t going to disappoint anyone at the table! As a matter of fact, most can’t even tell the difference between our gluten free pizzas and our traditional pies.
Our pasta dishes can also be made gluten free at our gluten free restaurants in Bloomington and Columbus. Made with gluten free spaghetti pastas, you can enjoy everything from our spicy Diavolo to our creamy pasta alfredo without worry. With a full gluten-free pasta menu, there is something warm, comforting, and tasty no matter what your taste buds are calling for!
Lastly, we don’t just cater to the gluten-free crowd, but also the vegan crowd. At our gluten free restaurants in Bloomington and Columbus, we also offer vegan pizza that can be made with gluten free or traditional crust. Using vegan cheese and optional vegan sausage toppings, this is a pizza that is bursting with flavor and ready to delight everyone at your table regardless of dietary need!

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