Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Up Gluten Free Drinks 

We don’t just want to serve you a gluten-free meal at Bucceto’s, we want to serve you a gluten-free experience! Our gluten free restaurants in Bloomington have extensive no gluten menus, as well as gluten-free drinks you can enjoy right alongside your Bucceto’s favorites. 


Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Up Gluten Free Drinks

Our gluten free beer at Bucceto’s is none other than Magner’s Irish Cider and we chose this brew for good reason. First and foremost, it’s light, sweet, and it goes with a ton on our menu. If you’re ordering a no-gluten cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, even our deluxe style Ultimate Warrior pizza, your cider is going to be a perfect accompaniment. The sweetness of the apple beautifully offsets the spicy and smokey notes in pepperoni, sausage, and even peppers, while earthier pizzas are well balanced by natural fruitiness. It’s never too strong to overpower the flavor of our cheese pizza, and it matches in freshness for any veggie-centric pies. In other words – if you’re ordering any gluten-free pizza, your cider is going to complement it perfectly!


Magner’s isn’t just for pizza, and it’s an excellent accompaniment to our calzones and sandwiches as well. When it comes to sandwiches, we love the flavor profile of a cold Magner’s Irish Cider alongside our hot Ham & Cheese on gluten-free bread! 


Our wine list is also gluten-free, and it’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to dive into one of our delicious no gluten pasta dishes. Our gluten free pasta is made using no gluten spaghetti, which can be paired with any one of our gluten free sauces. If you’re trying to dive into a diavolo pasta dish, we love pairing with a Chardonnay or Chianti Classico. If you’re looking for something fresher and brighter, then it’s time for a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio paired with our gluten-free pasta primavera. 


We’re not just serving the gluten-free communities of Bloomington, our gluten free restaurants are providing down home, authentic, and fulfilling Italian meal experiences. Stop in and try our gluten-free menu today – we can’t wait to prove it!