Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Up Good Old – Fashioned Sandwiches

For the gluten-free crowd, finding a good sandwich can be a tough job. You want something satisfying, comforting, and delicious, but you have to stay away from the traditional bread it is most often made with.


Once you find a gluten-free sandwich, you might discover that its bread lacks some of the authenticity and flavor you were hoping for. The result? A craving that goes unsatisfied. At Bucceto’s, one of the gluten free restaurants in Bloomington, we work hard to cater to every craving and every guest!


Gluten Free Restaurants Serving Up Good Old - Fashioned SandwichesWe serve up the best authentic Italian sandwiches in Bloomington filled to the brim with fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables, and, of course, the best no-gluten bread. A few of our favorite gluten-free sandwiches on our menu are:


● Hot Italian Sub – An Italian sub is iconic, and our Hot Italian version stands out from all the rest. On gluten-free bread, you’ll find salami, Italian ham, tomato, pepperoni, banana peppers, lettuce, and our homemade Italian vinaigrette dressing. It’s zesty, it’s filling, and it showcases all of the flavors you love in a true Italian sub.


● Spinach Artichoke – For our vegetarian and gluten-free patrons, we’ve got you covered with a sandwich you’re sure to love. On our delicious gluten-free bread, you have fresh spinach, earthy mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and our artichoke spread for a fresh and delicious flavor explosion in every bite.


For those who want a little extra protein but love veggies just as much as vegetarians, you have the option to add chicken to this sandwich!


● Meatball Sub – The cozy season is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to dig into a good old-fashioned Meatball Sub. Ours at Bucceto’s is made up of our freshly made meatballs, hearty marinara, comforting cheese, and fresh basil on a tasty gluten-free roll.


● Ham & Cheese – We love classics at Bucceto’s, but what we love even more is putting our own little twist on them. Our Ham & Cheese gluten-free sandwich has Italian ham, Swiss cheese, a couple of pieces of crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of freshly made Bucceto’s Dijon vinaigrette.


All of our gluten-free sandwiches are served with a side of chips, making them the perfect craving buster when you want a satisfying lunch or quick dinner. If you’re ready to dig in, order online from us at Bucceto’s, one of the gluten free restaurants in Bloomington.