Good Restaurants In Bloomington For A Tasty Calzone

Do you know what a dropping temperature in Bloomington mean? It’s cozy season! Cozy season means blankets, movie nights, hot cocoa, and hot and hearty dinners that warm you up from the inside out. Good restaurants in Bloomington for something that really hits the spot? Right here at Bucceto’s with our fresh made calzones! 


Good Restaurants In Bloomington For A Tasty Calzone

A calzone is similar to a pizza, but it has its differences. Imagine making a turnover out of your favorite pizza – now you’re getting close to calzone territory! A calzone is made using a thin dough, which is then coated with the sauce of your choice, filled with cheese, and then stuffed to the brim with fresh tasty toppings. The dough is then folded over and pinched shut, before being baked to perfection so all that good stuff inside heats up and gets nice and gooey together. The calzone was created centuries ago in Italy as a sort of “walking pizza” people could eat on the go, but these days you can enjoy yours with your hands or a knife and fork! 


We put just as much care into our calzones at Bucceto’s as we do our Bloomington famous pizza. This means we make our own fresh dough to perfection; we fill it up with tasty robust sauces, we use wholesome cheese blends, and our toppings (or stuffings) are always fresh. Each bite of your calzone will be balanced, flavorful, and satisfying from the first to the last. 


Good restaurants in Bloomington for a tasty calzone should always take their calzones seriously and that’s just what we do. If you’ve tried our pizza before, we know you’ll love the calzones just as much if not more! 


We have several different calzone options at Bucceto’s, or if you’re feeling creative you can make your own. A create your own calzone includes your choice of cheese blend, favorite sauce, and up to 3 of our fresh pizza toppings with additional toppings extra. One idea we love is taking your favorite Bucceto’s pizza and turning it into a calzone to compare! 


If you’re looking for something hearty, wholesome, and delicious tonight, we have your good restaurant in Bloomington for a tasty calzone right here at Bucceto’s. We can’t see what you’ll try, or what you’ll create, the next time you stop by! 

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