Good Restaurants In Bloomington For Families


Good restaurants in Bloomington for families are a hot commodity for local residents looking to treat the ones they love to a great time and a great meal. At Bucceto’s, we strive to be the hotspot for dates, friend outings, corporate lunches, and family dinners all at once! To ensure we’re one of the good restaurants in Bloomington for families, we made sure to include little ones on our Bucceto’s menu so there’s truly something for everyone they’re sure to love. 

Our Bucceto’s Kids’ Menu 

When creating our Bucceto’s kids’ menu we made sure to consider what menu items little ones seem to love the most. Some of our kids’ menu highlights include: 

  • Ravioli – Parents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they won’t have to share their ravioli plates anymore! Our kids’ portion ravioli comes with 3 jumbo ravioli, making sure it’s just enough for a satisfying and filling cozy kids’ dinner. 
  • Alfredo spaghetti – Our alfredo sauce is creamy, cozy, and an easy kids’ favorite. We pair our house made Alfredo sauce with our classic spaghetti pasta, giving kids the kind of cheesy dish they just can’t wait to dig into. 
  • Spaghetti with sauces – Alfredo isn’t the only way we’re serving spaghetti on our kids’ menu. Because spaghetti is such a big favorite, we’re also serving it up plain, with butter, with tomato sauce, and with our famous meat sauce. For spaghetti loving little ones, there’s always something to look forward to on the Bucceto’s kids’ menu. 
  • Cheese pizza – If there’s one food nearly every kid loves – it’s pizza! On our kids’ menu we have a small cheese pizza perfectly sized for kid appetites. 
  • Little hands plate – When we were creating our kids’ menu, we and our owner Paul Heilbrunn made sure to think of more than just the “bigger kids” with bigger appetites. Our little hands plate is perfect for smaller children or those who might not be in the mood to dig into a whole plate of pasta. This dish is comprised of black olives, cheese, and crackers for a light bite perfect for little ones! 

At Bucceto’s, we want to be the spot your family gets excited about. With our option-friendly kids’ menu, even the pickiest kids are sure to find something they love and we can’t wait to serve it to them!