Good Restaurants In Bloomington For Gluten-Free And Vegan Customers

When you have dietary needs, finding good restaurants in Bloomington (or anywhere) can be challenging. You want good food, authentic food, and variety, but sometimes you’re just left getting whatever it is that you can get. At Bucceto’s, we wanted to do away with all of that, and build the kind of place that whole parties of friends and family can join together to dig into a meal they really love.


To build good restaurants in Bloomington for our gluten-free customers, we’ve carefully crafted an entire gluten-free menu. Our menu is inclusive, it covers catered dishes, there’s lunchtime items, soups, entrees, and even desserts to enjoy. Our no gluten pizza is one of our fan favorites, and we make it with our rice flour crust, delicious sauce, satisfying cheese, and your choice of any number of gluten-free toppings. When it comes to feeding a crowd, our gluten-free pizza is tasty and authentic even for those who don’t adhere to a gluten-free diet!


With some of the best pizza Bloomington has to offer, this is where we really centered our focus for our vegan customers. Our vegan pizza is newly developed, and it’s one of the menu items we’re most proud of at Bucceto’s! It starts with our gluten free crust. On top of the crust is our tomato sauce, which we also make in-house out of fresh tomato, oil, and herbs. Our cheese blend is vegan, and we’ve created a cheese product that has the same salty flavor, stretchy texture, and satisfying bite as our traditional. Our toppings are always fresh, and you have your choice of vegan sausage for that classic pizza taste, as well as over a dozen veggie toppings to choose from in creating your perfect pie.


Good restaurants in Bloomington should be good restaurants for everyone, and the perfect place to call upon when you’re going out for a night with those you love the most. At Bucceto’s, we put love and care into creating a menu for every customer who walks through our doors! If you’re in the mood to see what good restaurants in Bloomington are all about, grab your group and stop by to visit us tonight.