Grab The Perfect Plate Of Pasta At Our Gluten Free Restaurants 

A lot of America’s favorite comfort foods are a struggle for gluten-free customers. Breads, desserts, pizza, and pasta are what we turn to when we’re looking for a hug in the form of a meal – but much of this is all traditionally made with gluten. At Bucceto’s, we’re putting a stop to all of that, and offering our no gluten customers the comfort foods they want when they’re after a bit of a culinary pick-me-up! We and our owner Paul Heilbrunn are dedicated to not only running great restaurants, but running friendly for the gluten-free restaurants anyone can stop by and enjoy. 


First and foremost, our gluten-free pasta is just as delicious, just as wholesome, and just as comforting as our traditional dishes. To create our gluten-free pasta meals, we use no gluten spaghetti, which pairs well with any sauce or protein and gives you an excellent comfort bite. The pasta is made in a 100% gluten free facility, so it’s a safe pick for those with allergies as well as intolerances.  


Grab The Perfect Plate Of Pasta At Our Gluten Free Restaurants

The majority of our Bucceto’s gluten free restaurants sauces are naturally gluten-free, so you can have your pick when it comes to what kind of pasta dish you wish to dig in to. Our Diavolo sauce is a fan favorite, coming in mild, medium, or spicy with optional shrimp or chicken protein. If you’re looking for something a little cozier, but without the spice, we suggest our meat sauce for that classic hearty spaghetti feel. Our meat sauce is served with either meatballs or fresh Italian sausage. 


While pasta is naturally hearty and comforting, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fresh at the same time. Our Basil Pesto can be served with or without chicken, and it’s the perfect no gluten choice for refreshing and filling up on a warm spring day. For the fresh seafood lover, we adore a nice plate of no gluten spaghetti with red or white clam sauce to remind us that summer is just on the horizon! 


At Bucceto’s, our gluten free restaurants aren’t only about the food. We have Stella Apple Cider at our Bloomington location, and Stella Apple Cider, Redbridge Sorghum, and Cider Boys at our Columbus location to take care of your gluten-free beverage needs. If you’re looking for someplace to eat with a crowd, our gluten-free menu at Bucceto’s is sure to be a pleaser!