Great Sandwiches Made Easy With Columbus Food Delivery

For lunch or dinner, a good sandwich just hits the spot! At Bucceto’s we take those sandwich cravings seriously and our Columbus food delivery works hard to make sure you’re satisfied! Our hot sandwiches are fresh made, bursting with flavor, have gluten-free and vegetarian options, and they come with chips for a meal that truly satisfies from the first bite to the last. 


Great Sandwiches Made Easy With Columbus Food Delivery

Before diving into our sandwich menu, it’s important to get better acquainted our delivery system. We keep it convenient and easy at Bucceto’s, so you can grab our Columbus food delivery right from our website. When you enter our website, you’ll be prompted to make a delivery or takeout order. For a delivery sandwich, choose delivery and be taken to our Columbus food delivery menu. From the menu you can select your sandwich, what you’d like on it, and any special requests you may have before you enter our secure checkout process. When you checkout, you can pay your tab, tip, and leave delivery instructions before we let you know when you can expect to see us at your door. 


So, you’re at the delivery menu, and you’re trying to figure out what you want. It’s understandable to get stuck here – we have so much tastiness to offer! A few of our Columbus food delivery sandwich customer favorites include: 


  • Meatball Sub – Especially during the fall and winter, customers just can’t get enough of our Meatball Sub! Meatballs and marinara are balanced perfectly on a roll, which are then topped with cozy cheese and fresh basil for that perfect bite every time. 
  • Sicilian Sausage – A little zesty, always fresh, and full of flavor is our Sicilian Sausage sandwich. Sauteed onions add a touch of sweetness while peppers give each bite that perfect fresh and earthy note. 
  • Spinach Artichoke – Our vegetarian customers need great sandwich options, too, and this is where our Spinach Artichoke sandwich comes in! This fresh sandwich can come with optional chicken, but the standard is all about spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato, and tasty artichoke spread. 

Our Columbus food delivery keeps things simple, but that doesn’t mean the flavors fall in line! Our sandwiches are full of flavor, and with just a few taps of a smartphone, keyboard, or tablet, they can be on their way to you in minutes. 

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